Friday, January 31, 2014

The 2014 iPhone 6 Price

With its tantalizing features, the iPhone 6 price has been predicted to be marginally increased. The iPhone 5 had a price increase over the iPhone 4 and 4S. With the iPhone 6's increase in screen size and a fresh design among other features, fans of the iPhone franchise should ready themselves for an increase compared to the iPhone 4. Click to read on.

Apple's iPhone pricing trends
Every iPhone upgrade that Apple has released has always been launched packed with more features than the predecessor. This 'more features' price increase pattern is likely to be witnessed when the iPhone 6 is finally launched. Analysts have predicted that the new iPhone flagship model is likely to cost more than the iPhone 5 and 5S. When Apple released the retina outfitted i Pad mini, it was priced at $249 which was a $70 price increase compared to the preceding i Pad mini.

Pricing forecasts for the iPhone 6
In line with tradition, Apple is likely to peg the price of the iPhone 6 in the neighborhood of the iPhone 5's price. Putting this into consideration, this flagship model is likely to cost approximately $500. Analysts have been keen to predict that Apple will drop the 16GB version in this launch. Enthusiasts are very eager to see the entry price of this model. The iPhone 5 costs $199 with a contract and $650 without a contract.
Generally, speculators cannot seem to agree on a specific release date for the iPhone 6 and estimate its launch to be in mid 2014. With the iPhone 5's sales fizzling out, it is likely that Apple will let the market rage level up before stirring up interest with the iPhone 6.

Predicted prices for the iPhone 6 variants
As was with the iPhone 5 and 5C simultaneous release, market watchers are predicting that the iPhone 6 will be released together with the 6C variant. The iPhone 5C was unpopular with users unlike the iPhone 5 which instantly took the market by storm. Analysts therefore remain to see the market reaction towards releasing the iPhone 6 together with the 6C. The iPhone 5C cost $100 less than the iPhone 5, this did not help its overall market reception. Users are therefore anxious to see whether Apple will keep up with tradition in pricing the variants.